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SGA celebrated the world IBD day


Under umbrella of Saudi Gastroenterology Association and in collaboration with Abbvie bio-pharmaceutical company, a lot of IBD awareness activities have been conducted on May 19th , 2016 as part of the celebration of the world IBD day,

With the slogan of “ united we stand in the fight against IBD”, around 14 awareness activities have been conducted in different hospitals across the kingdom, during which the education staff related to the hospitals in collaboration with the patient support team of abbvie had the chance to raise the awareness of more than 1000 people regarding IBD diseases in terms of signs, symptoms and how to deal with those conditions.

More than 3000 IBD educational flyers developed by SGA have been distributed across those centers  and the IBD awareness video of the SGA has been used during the activities to explain more details about the disease to the public.


The objective of this celebration was to raise the public awareness regarding the inflammatory bowel diseases which will have a very positive impact on shortening those patients’ journey and facilitate the early diagnosis and referral of those patients to Gastro clinic.


Below some photos for the activities in different cities,

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