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11th Saudi Gastroenterology Association Regional Meeting


Under the auspices of Saudi Gastroenterology Association (SGA), The 11th SGA Regional Meeting was held in Golden Tulip Al Baha hotel on 3rd October 2019

The primary goal of this event was to discuss the common gastroenterology and hepatology topics that are important for general practitioners, medical residents and students and to provide the participants with the latest updates and evidence based guidelines in gastroenterology and hepatology.

The topics covered included:


Hepatitis B

Irritable bowel syndrome

Acute Pancreatitis

Helicobacter Pylori


Event was well received and was very successful with more than 70 delegates attended the event.  SGA would like to thank and appreciate the efforts of our honored speakers and organizers including Dr. Majid Almadi , Dr. Abullah Alghamdi ,Dr.  Mohammed Alshumrany, and Dr. Fahad Alsohaibani.



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