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SGA Launched A Native Arabic Mobile App For IBD.

Advocacy is one of the major component of the Saudi Gastroenterology Association (SGA) mission. Our advocates are not only for patients, but also for family members, caregivers, and doctors at Saudi Arabia. SGA network advocates is comprised of people with the diseases, family members and other concerned individuals. The use of mobile applications for healthcare—is a young and dynamic field that could improve the well-being of people around the world. The proliferation of mobile technology has led to explosive growth in the numbers of m-health applications and users.

 SGA is continuing its advocacy mission to engage patients and physicians through online communications tools. In addition to celiac disease awareness website, and SGA mobile Apps, now we are launching a native Arabic IBD mobile app for both Android and iOS to help the patients and physicians connect from wherever they are. It is the first patient's education app in Arabic for IBD.  The idea was generated by the patients themselves and fully supported by SGA.

Mobile applications can lower health costs and improve the quality of healthcare over the long term. It has as well disruptive effects along the healthcare value chain, including the delivery of health services for complicated cases and in the promotion of public health awareness. By offering access to health information and preventive care, m-health can reduce the need for intermediaries and face-to-face interactions between the patients and doctors. The IBD apps composed of information about the crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis in term of diagnosis, management, complications, surgical procedures, psychiatric burden and nutrition. It allow the patients to ask the IBS specialists questions and share their story with others.

Finally, we are happy to see our IBD patients connected with our dedicated physicians to help and support them in their journey.

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