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The following three types of members can be offered:


  • Honorary Membership: This can be offered to those, who have contributed financially or morally supporting SGA development in the Kingdom or abroad. Nomination of a honorary member should be submitted by two active SGA members to the Board of Directors for approval, The honorary member shall be exempted from any yearly dues. The honorary member may attend the General Assembly meeting and its different committees but he will not have a right to vote in decision making or in election.


  • Active Membership: This can be offered to those who will meet the membership requirements and having a University degree in the field of the SGA or related fields provided that the member is currently residing in the Kingdom.


  • Associate Membership: This can be offered to those who would like to be affiliate to the SGA without being residents in the Kingdom.



Conditions for Membership:

The following conditions are stipulated for membership enrolment:


  • To apply for joining the SGA.


  • To have a good record/reputation and to have never committed a crime or disgraceful/unethical act.


  • To be endorsed by two active members of the SGA.


  • The request for membership shall be discussed by the Board of Directors and the request will not be considered accepted, unless a decision has been taken by the Board.


  • To pay the yearly dues.



Termination of Membership:

The SGA membership shall be terminated upon:


  • Request of the member to resign.


  • Unfulfilment of the membership requirements.


  • Any member, who is delinquent in dues for a whole year and after being notified within the last three months of the same year.


  • Any activity that would bring professional or financial harm to the SGA, which would be decide after full investigation ordered by the Board of Directors and after responsibility of the concerned member has been proven and verified.


  • Any member, who fails to attend one scientific meeting of the SGA at least every three years.


In any circumstances the membership will not be terminated till the final decision taken by the Board and the member is notified within two weeks of issuing that decision but the member will not retrieve any membership dues, gifts or donations that he gave to the SGA.

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