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1. Name and its location:


The Saudi Gastroenterology Association, hereafter called "SGA", is recognized by King Saud University, Riyadh and is located at its premises and may have more chapters in other locations if needed and its recognized by SCFHS as well.


2. Aims and Objectives:


The SGA aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • The progression and development of the scientific thinking in the specially of the SGA such as gastroenterology, hepatology, pancreas and endoscopy.

  • Giving the opportunity for the members of SGA to contribute to the scientific development of its fields.

  • Encouraging and enhancing exchange of scientific thinking in its fields amongst different institutions and disciplines in the Kingdom and abroad.

  • Offering consultation and performing the appropriate studies to improve the level of performance in the fields of the SGA in different institutions/disciplines.

  • Cooperating with similar scientific associations in the Kingdom and abroad.

  • Promoting and contributing to public health education on its fields.


3. Activities:


The SGA will achieve its objectives listed in paragraph 2, by all possible means particularly by:

  • Promoting the scientific research and the related topics, publishing the results of such research, distributing and exchanging them with the related disciplines.

  • Holding congresses, symposia and conferences to discuss the problems related to its fields.

  • Issuing journal, bulletin and letters covering studies and research being done in its fields.

  • Arranging scientific trips and competitions in its fields.

  • Issuing books and letters and organizing symposia, lectures and workshops, which promote and enhance public health awareness in its fields.


4. The Board of Directors:


The Board of Directors consists of not more than 9 members (including the President) who will be elected the General Assembly of the SGA using secret ballots. Membership of the Board of Directors will be for two years which can be renewed. The Board of Directors will hold regular meetings. Emergency meetings(s) may be called upon request of half or more of the Board of Directors or on request of one-fifth of the General Assembly members or the President of the SGA to discuss the matter for which the emergency meeting was called for. No other business will be discussed during such a meeting. The Board of Directors will issue the decisions taken by a majority vote and in case of tie, the President has the right to cast his vote. The meetings of the Board of Directors will not be effective unless attendance by the majority. If a member of the Board fails to attend three meetings of the Board of Directors consecutively without any acceptable reason he is considered to have resigned from the membership.

The Board of Directors shall issue the rules and regulations to execute these by-laws and in case of availability of position on the Board of Directors, a new member will be chosen by the Board of Directors subject to the approval by the general assembly in its next meeting.

5. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors:


The functions of the Board of Directors will be to make decisions and to take actions that would guarantee the proper performance of the SGA in its functions and achieving its objectives. In addition to what has been stated in these by-laws, the Board of Directors will suggest the annual budget of the SGA, prepare the yearly activity, decide each membership dues, its failure functions and presenting it to the General Assembly at its ordinary meeting for approval.


6. President and Vice-President of the Board of Directors:


To be elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years renewable. The President will be the President of the SGA as well. The Vice-President will assist him in his duties and will act as President during his absence. The President will represent the SGA in all its formal communications with official and un-official authorities in the Kingdom and abroad.


7. The General Assembly:


The General Assembly shall comprise of all active members and hold a meeting year. The meeting's agenda shall be prepared by the Board of Directors. The General Assembly may call an emergency meeting upon a request by the Board of Directors or one-fifth of its members. The same principle will be followed in the emergency meeting as in the regular meetings for the Board of Directors.

The meeting of the General Assembly shall be in order and binding when it is attended by the majority of its members.


8. The duties of the General Assembly are as follows:


  • Issuing the by-laws to conduct the internal affairs of the SGA.

  • Approving the SGA's annual budget and its accounts.

  • Approving the annual report concerning its activities prepared by the Board of Directors.

  • Electing the members of the Board of Directors and the President.

  • Approving in the annual plan submitted by the Board of Directors.

  • Discussing all items in the agenda and additional items requested by the members within the field of the SGA interests and taking decisions on them.

  • Selecting an honorary President for the SGA if nominated by the Board of Directors.


9. The Honorary President:


The General Assembly may nominate an honorary President after nomination from the Board of Directors. The honorary President shall be a public figure known to have interests in the SGA fields. The honorary president has the rights of honorary membership.


10. Resources of the SGA and its Budget:


  • The SGA's main resources are as follows:

  • The yearly dues of each member.

  • The gains from its publications.

  • Registration fees for the courses and programs to be arranged by the SGA.

  • The grants and donations which the SGA will get from the Saudi Government or other governmental institutions or private organizations or individuals to the approval of the Board Directors.

The yearly grant to be given by the body supervising scientific associations. The Board of Directors will nominate from its members a Treasurer who will be responsible before the Board of Directors for different financial affairs. The Treasurer of the SGA will prepare its Budget. The Treasurer will submit his report to the Board of Directors which will ultimately be submitted to the General Assembly for its approval.

The financial year will start from the 1st of the month of Muharram. For control of every financial year and present it to the Board of Directors and ultimately to be presented to the General Assembly.


11. Ad hoc Regulations:


  • There is a formation of different committees, the various functions of the SGA will be performed by an ad hoc committee formed by the Founders comprising of four members; one of them will be the temporary President.

  • The SGA will preserve in its allocation, the necessary files to facilitate conduction of the different functions in itself.

  • Amendments/additions can be accepted upon a decree by the General Assembly.

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